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Dusty got inadvertently caught in front of me, in my path, as I was heading, fast, from the dining room through the kitchen, down the hall and into the foyer, so I got a good look at her in motion. She was seriously moving as fast as I was, at the same time occasionally looking back at me, but was only one step ahead of me.

Innnnncredible, absolutely incredible what I saw: she undulates, especially in the entire rear/full-blown-fuzzy tail, held low and dragging on the floor as the train of a wedding attire, and hip area; no bounce or jerky steps whatsoever . . . Just one, soft, furry mass of supple undulation, with big, wide-eyed, human-like, rimmed (headlights), blue eyes, smiling out from the face of a jungle tiger . . . w/ear-feathers . . . Innnnnnncredible.

I will say it again: ihave never in my life seen a kitty like this . . . Never ! ! !
.. . . really makes me giggle . . .

Her white sisters look like the following picture, while Dusty looks like rock and rolling, subtle, liquid gold
[sort of reminds me of a verse in the Bible, describing the streets in Heaven as being paved in clear, crystal gold] . . . Ihave only heard, mention of the gold ones, mentioned once on the Internet . . .

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