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I was so lucky! Mum and Dad both liked animals so we ha a selection
over the years but always had a cat and a dog, I kept mice and my sisters
and I had a rabbit to share we also had a hedgehog for a while
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Lesley Madigan wrote:

My mother didn't like any small living things (I sometimes suspect
that category included children) my dad was a keen gardener and thus
loathed small felines. My SO's mum is an ailurophobe (Excuse
spelling).As a result, me and both my brothers have been owned by cats
(through one brother swears they're the wives and the other since his
job takes him all over the World left them with his ex-girlfriend but
visits regularly)

Perhap's we're all adopted too!


Slave of the Fabulous Furballs

How were your grand parents with small living things? It may have been
genetics, just passed a generation.

My idiot sister had a siamese mix named Bill after the cat in opus. The
only reason IS had her was because she was more scared of mice than
willing to do without a cat. I have concluded that I didn't get my cat
slave genes from my mother's side of the family (same mom, different

The old man liked cats and d*gs, but was a product of his generation and
upbringing. I like to think that with a different time, therapy, and a
lot of conditioning, he'd have made a really good cat slave.

Pam S.