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Default Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I think the problem is solved simply by tapping on the thing when
on its side, before continuing to turn it on to its top.
Apparently that removes the tiny amount of scattered litter
sitting on various surfaces, causing it to fall into the filtered
litter area.

I just did a cycle with no used litter (no poop or pee), and ended
up with practically zero litter in the used litter cup. So
apparently I won't have to glue anything. So far, the only
modification is the heavy-duty packaging tape on the right side
(an easy fix). One neat thing about packaging tape is that it can
be removed and the surface is cleaner than it was before.

Large clumps of urine might break into two or more pieces when
they hit the (upside down) top, before causing them to roll/slide
into the used litter cup. I'm using Arm & Hammer Super Scoop
Clumping Litter, Unscented. Naturally it includes baking soda, so
maybe it isn't the hardest clumping litter. I'd prefer they not
break apart, but it's not a dealbreaker.

It's easy and fun (for litter duty).

The only thing I'd like to do at the moment is keep it from
wasting a tiny amount of good litter, depending on how that
litter moves into the disposal compartment. If it's going around
the seams