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Default Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

dgk dgk wrote:

John Doe jdoe usenetlove.invalid wrote:

Don't even think about getting a "regular size" one. The large
one should be about 3 inches longer for normal size cats. I
can't imagine anything smaller being large enough for a normal

That might be a problem. I do have one big cat, he must be part
Main Coon.

I'm in the process of making what will hopefully be better. Trying
to solve two problems, the small size and the clumps breaking when
they hit the top. Preliminarily speaking, it looks easy enough to
make. Planning to use my huge 100+ quart Sterilite box, so it will
be more difficult to tip to the side, but that's the only downside
I see. Will try fishing line for the grate, and then maybe
stainless steel wire (have ordered both). If Sterilite box
material can be used for the rest of the grate, the thing will
never need cleaning.

So far, the store-bought model has two or three times required
using some spray cleaner and paper towel to wipe some urine off of
the back side. Because you know that cats don't respond well when
their litter box area gets a dirty/filthy. It's evidently too short.