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Default Need opinions - Scared for Sneezy

You really do need to take Sneezy to the vet. Searching the web for a
remedy or posting this message isn't going to help. See if you can't work
out a payment plan with the vet. Or call the Humane Society. Many times
they have low-cost clinics. If you can afford a computer and dial-up or
broadband or whatever, you can afford to take the cat to the vet.

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"capricious" wrote in message
Sneezy is a formerly-feril cat who about 6 months ago decided he was
going to make our home his home. I was okay with it as long as my 2
cats didn't mind and oddly enough, they didn't seem to. He's since
become a very loving little fellow and has been domesticating himself
VERY well. Best I've ever seen, in fact.

But then he seems to get injured or sick, maybe a combination of the
two. One day, Sneezy crawls to this very hard to get to place behind
our couch and rested there for 2 or 3 days without ever leaving. I
thought for sure he had some life threatening sickness and he had just
simply given up. I continued to give him food and water and to my
surprise, he continued to eat and drink. Maybe he's not so sick after
all--maybe someone just stepped on his foot or a hip or something and
he's just sore, I began to wonder. He could barely walk and his rear
was shaking really bad when he tried to stand initially. He couldn't
go far to go to make it outside to the bathroom and so I was forced to
just keep cleaning up after him throughout this time. I felt like it
was the least I could do for the little guy. About 10 days of this
passed and slowly but surely he got up more and seemed to eventually
fully recover. He was okay for maybe a week.

Suddenly one day, we find these very strange puddles of clear,
odorless liquid in various places around the house. It wasn't urine
as it was thicker, almost gelatin based. Then later that day he is on
my bed (of all places!) and stands up as if he is going to stretch and
just leaks this clear liquid all over my bed. As I watched him do it
he looked at me like "help, I can't control this - please don't be
mad" (was my perception of his facial expression). Long story short,
he is back under the couch most of the time (although he doesn't seem
quite as bad this time around, he is up and moving around a little bit
more, but is still reserving himself to his safety spot). It seems
that was just a particularly bad day for him as he hasn't released
these weird puddles in the last 3 days, but he is still very obviously
not right.

What on earth could be causing this?? More importantly, what can I do
to help him? Is there anything I can do to relieve his apparent
pain? If his rear is shaking as such, it must mean he's in pain..?
Also he was VERY talkative when healthy and he won't speak a word.
That makes me wonder if he's in pain at all? Maybe too much pain to
even let out a squeak??? I'm so confused!

I did a lot of research online and I am generally pretty accurate with
my online-diagnosis, but this one is FAR too strange. I have read
about the anal sac glands and how they may need to be cleared out, but
I also read that if this is the case that the odor of the dispelled
liquid should be very pungent. Also in the cases I read about
regarding this problem, the cats didn't seem to eat and drink as
normal (except in one case I read).

I am in absolutely no financial position to even have him taken in to
any vet for the most minor of a regular check-up. My financial state
is completely at rock bottom. My fear is that my only option is that
I will simply have to take him to the pound, wish him my very best,
and hope they are able to get him healthy and put him up for
adoption. This is my very, VERY, last rate option and I am really
afraid that is what I am going to have to do. I just can't find any
sort of home remedies or even plausible suggestions to try.

Of course, everything on the web says "take him to a vet!" - but I
don't have $150+ just to get him in the freaking door.

Thank you very much for your time and suggestions,