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Default Need opinions - Scared for Sneezy

On Apr 22, 4:36 pm, "blkcatgal" wrote:
You really do need to take Sneezy to the vet. Searching the web for a
remedy or posting this message isn't going to help. See if you can't work
out a payment plan with the vet. Or call the Humane Society. Many times
they have low-cost clinics. If you can afford a computer and dial-up or
broadband or whatever, you can afford to take the cat to the vet.


Thank you for the reply. I will definitely try the humane society in
the morning.

I can afford broadband because my 82 year old grandfather I live with
and take care of is retired from the phone company. It is practically
free to us.

I don't mean to be rude, but I don't understand why both of you
decided that focusing on my financial situation is going to be helpful
whatsoever. If you can't understand that there are people in the
world who do everything they can to get by and simply are not able to,
I pity your naivety and am jealous of your luck in life.

My grandfather's social security doesn't even cover half of his
medications and any finances are quickly gobbled up to the good old
pharmaceutical companies. His pension covers the rest barely leaving
enough to feed himself. So please don't comment on something you have
absolutely no idea about.

One of the main reasons I took this cat in is because this guy took to
my grandfather and he could certainly use the friend. Dealing with
this with him is not something I'd care to have to go through if I can
avoid it, obviously. It wasn't my intention to publicly reveal my
entire private life, but if it helps open your eyes a little bit, I
guess it was worth it.