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Default My Grey Cat is turning brown

Joy wrote:

"jmcquown" wrote in message
I know from reading about cats all black and grey cats are basically brown.

I just gave Persia a nice brushing. She's not a long-haired cat but she
still has a nice ruff around her neck. Well, I noticed it's turning
brown. Same thing with her chest.

I cannot capture this in a photo, sorry. It is rather surprising.


Pickles, whom I think of as black, has a large brown patch on her side, and
a smaller one on her chest. Even though I know it's there, it often
surprises me, because I still think of her as all black.

My mom used to have a black cat named Yoda (this was the late 70s ).
When she moved to Florida, several years passed before I managed to
get down there for a visit. She always had at least 2 or 3 cats, so
when I saw some unfamiliar ones roaming around, I wasn't surprised.
But I didn't see Yoda anywhere, so I asked my mom where she was. "She's
right there," mom answered, pointing at a cat that was obviously a
tortie, with lots of orangey and rust-colored fur mixed in with the
black. But my mom kept insisting that was her. All I could think was,
mom, what did you do, leave her out in the rain?


Loneliness is comforted by the closeness and touch of fur to fur,
skin to skin, or -- skin to fur. -- Paul Gallico