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Default Sorry, can't do Facebook

On 8/26/2017 7:32 PM, Lesley Madigan wrote:
On Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 2:23:49 PM UTC+1, Jill McQuown wrote:
I just don't like the interface. I haven't deactivated my account (yet)
and might check for posts there on rpca from time to time but as a
regular form of communication I simply don't like it.


What's the problem? I took a while to get used to it myself so maybe I can help?


Slave of the Fabulous Furballs

PS Nice pic of Buffy

Thanks about the pic of Buffy.

The problem with FB is it seems to think just because I've friended
someone I should be also be friends with every else they know. Not
necessarily! After I reactivated my account a woman on the RPCA
Facebook group complained about being asked to friend people I'd listed
10 years ago. Don't worry about it, they're people I used to work with.
They wouldn't know you from Adam, either. LOL

Also, I've got notifications turned OFF, yet I still get notified if
someone changes their status. Facebook is just annoying.