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Default I Frantically searched for Dot

On 3/24/2016 9:57 PM, Takayuki wrote:

Finally, I remembered that I left a dresser drawer open longer than usual
this morning. Long enough that I checked it for naughty kitties (like
Buster) before I closed it.

I opened that drawer. And found nothing.

But by this time, I was checking everywhere anyway. So I opened the next
drawer, which I almost never use.

And there she was! She gave me a little "Eck!" like she does after a nap,
and started licking me enthusiastically as I picked her up. She must have
gotten in there from *underneath* the drawer I had open!

Dot had ended up trapped in there for 10 hours. But on the other hand, her
regular daytime nap is about 9 hours, so maybe from her perspective, she
was only in there for an hour longer than she'd have liked.

LOL! This reminds me of something happened when I was visiting my
sister year's ago. She had to leave for work very early, and I remained
in bed. Some time after I got up, I started to hear one of her cats
crying. Sound travels, and I could not figure out where she was. I
checked the basement and every room in the house, then I started looking
in closets, and then started over again. And again and again. I simply
could not find her, and the poor thing sounded very unhappy. At last,
the sound seemed to be coming from her towel drawer (just outside my
sister's bathroom, where she gets dressed). Voila! There was Peaches.
Her look said, "What took you so long?" Fortunately, she was not in
there as long as Dot--2 hours at most.