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Default I Frantically searched for Dot

On Sat, 26 Mar 2016 15:57:21 -0700, Joy

On 3/26/2016 3:48 PM, Je?us wrote:
On Sun, 27 Mar 2016 08:08:38 +1100, Je▀us wrote:

On Thu, 24 Mar 2016 22:57:46 -0400, Takayuki

Dot disappeared on me today. When I got home from work, Buster and Spicey
greeted me, but Dot was nowhere in sight. This is not too unusual - she's
16 years old and naps a lot. But most evenings, I see her in the window
when I come home, since she watches for me, since she's deaf and can't hear
the car.

So I went to look for Dot in the bedroom, where she usually sleeps on my
the bed on my pillow (or maybe it's "our" pillow). But she wasn't there.

So I looked in a couple of secondary napping spots, but no Dot. I looked to
see if she'd hidden under the sofas, which she hasn't done in years. But no
Dot. I frantically looked for her behind appliances, in closets, and
various other places she couldn't possibly be.

I called desperately for her, "Dot! Dot! Dorothy!", even though I knew she
wouldn't be able to hear me. It occurred to me that maybe my oldest cat had
a heart attack or something and died somewhere. In the meantime, Buster and
Spicey followed me curiously.

"Come on guys, you were home all day; where's Dot??" But Buster just looked
puzzled. Spicey looked at me like I was a moron.

Finally, I remembered that I left a dresser drawer open longer than usual
this morning. Long enough that I checked it for naughty kitties (like
Buster) before I closed it.

I opened that drawer. And found nothing.

But by this time, I was checking everywhere anyway. So I opened the next
drawer, which I almost never use.

And there she was! She gave me a little "Eck!" like she does after a nap,
and started licking me enthusiastically as I picked her up. She must have
gotten in there from *underneath* the drawer I had open!

Dot had ended up trapped in there for 10 hours. But on the other hand, her
regular daytime nap is about 9 hours, so maybe from her perspective, she
was only in there for an hour longer than she'd have liked.

LOL. So typical. It's not much fun though, when you can't find them
and get worried. I woke up last night to hear Annie screaming outside
(unusual for her to go out after everyone goes to bed), I assume she
had an encounter with a feral cat. I went out looking but saw no sign
of her. A couple of hours later, she made herself comfortable on top
of me while I was sleeping. No sign of any injuries.

Sometimes when I look and call out for Annie, she doesnt want to be
found and stays quiet in her latest hidey hole in the house. I always
get a little worried when she does that.

Actually, Annie is limping and can't get up on her favourite cushion
ATM... looks like she sustained some injuries from her encounter.

Poor baby!

Annie is much better now, she is back to sleeping in her current
favourite spot in the spare bedroom, also she jumped up onto this desk
earlier, so all back to normal

I have to admit I'm a worrier when it comes to my two girls if I don't
know where they are and haven't seen them for a while, or if anything
happens to them - with anything else I'm usually a lot more laid back
shrug. One time though, Annie had a similar encounter, although I'm
not sure if it was another cat or wildlife. I live in Tasmania, and we
do have some small marsupials that have serious teeth and claws.
Anyway, that time Annie came out worse with a toe half hanging off and
got blood poisoning into the bargain. By the time blood poisoning was
apparent, she was very unwell and clearly she would die without
treatment. An hour's drive later and the vet gives her antibiotics.
By the time we get home and I let her back into the house she was
practically back to normal again