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Default Marlo progress report

On Mon, 26 Sep 2016 01:45:41 +0100, Jack Campin

Buffy sometimes sleeps with me but not always. The size of the bed
doesn't seem to matter. I'm convinced cats increase in density at

Their body heat reaches supernova levels. The area under them can
get extremely warm, and if mine is nestled in the crook of my legs,
I almost have to make him move.

I think they go into some quantum state at night where they are
snuggled into three places in the bed simultaneously so you end
up contorted into a Z with your arm up the wall to make room for
just one of them.

Oh, they don't have to do any advanced physics. You just need to have
enough cats. Nipsy sleeps on my right side, Scooter is on the left.
Marlo (still on vacation at Mom's house) sleeps between my legs.
That's pretty well wedged in.

Actually, Marlo hasn't really been sleeping between my legs since
moving from the old house. Being in Florida now, she doesn't really
need the extra heat. But I reserve that spot for her just in case she
decides that she wants it back.