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Default Cash signals a kittah in a lovely blue and silver dress

As Ranger and Pipps take a break from dancing, 2 strong wait-staff come
out with a wonderful cake!

The top layer is a mix of gooshy fancy feast with kittah kibbles for
decoration and the bottom layer is several types of blue wilderness
canned with doggie kibbles for structure. The top is stabilized with
cream frozen mousicles on dehydrated duckie strips. 2 candles are lit:
a 4 and a 2.

Daisy-chan starts laughing and clapping! I'z get it! Is da middle
birfday! We'z right between Cash anna mai birfday, anna Iownas! Cash
is 9, I'z believed to be 18, annda Iowna is turning 15! Dats 42!

Fur da rest of you, dats a Chez Shenk's house thing. Meowmies Brother
an Meowmies day falls wifin a few days anna her big sister's birfday is
so close to kissamouse day dat dey's always picked da middle day andna
called it Charlotte's day anna celebrated it all together.

Happy purrdays to efurrybody!