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Default no takers on the annoying siamese behavior?

cybercat wrote:

You put her outside where anything can happen to her.

point taken

Here is what I did when I had a loud cat: I waited until she began
vocalizing then put her in a room with bed, box, food and water, some toys,
and shut her in there. The breakfast room was a good ways from the bedroom,
and I had a large HEPA filter in my bedroom so I could not hear her.

hmmm, might be a good idea, i wonder if it will cause more of the "bad"
behavior due to frustration...we'll see

After a while, she stopped because she didn't want to be in there.

Good luck. And please don't put your cat outside.

they go out many times during the day anyway, because they want to.
i understand your concern, it is sorta like not wanting your daughter
going to nyc, (or many other issues with any kid growing up), with my
dughter, something unpleansant did happen, and now she listens a little
more to our advice

i have seen inside cats hurt by climbing a book case which fell over,
chewing toxic things which were well secured...there is danger inside too.
i understand your position and respect your choose,,,lets be friends??