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John Kasupski
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Default Pardon Me, Sir - There's A Bug On The Ceiling!

Today, my six-month old tabby Minnie jumped up on the back of my computer chair,
sat down directly behind my head, and put one of her paws in the middle of my
back about six inches below my neck. She extended a single tiny claw - not
enough to hurt...just barely enough to make me turn around and look at her. When
I did, she looked right into my eyes and very slowly raised her head to look up
toward the ceiling. It seemed to me that she was trying to make me look where
she was looking, so I did...and yes, that was exactly what she wanted me to do,
for there on the ceiling right above our heads was a beetle of some sort.

In the past she's alerted me to other insects on the ceiling by jumping up on
the computer table next to me and staring up at the ceiling until my own
curiosity made me look up to see what she was looking at. There is a ceiling fan
with lights on it right over my desk and the first time she did this, I wondered
why she'd suddenly started staring at the fixture, since she'd never paid it
much attention before and it wasn't even running at the time. It turned out it
wasn't the fan, it was a housefly on the ceiling above it she was watching.
Another time she spotted a ladybug up there. Today, however, I had a bowl of
soup and a plate with two sandwiches on it next to me on the table. Rather than
jump onto the table - and my lunch - Minnie found a different way to make me
notice the beetle on the ceiling...before it ended up in my soup!

John D. Kasupski
Niagara Falls, NY