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we thinksa winter shuld be remofed furm da catandar, OEJ
"rafflescat" wrote in message
Meomie n Paw wus in da town an dey came bak wiffa bigbig parcel.
We hewpped dem unwap it an it wus a pikshure! Paw made a big fuss of
mesurin da wall n puttin in fings den puttin in a nayle. Den dey got
it onna wall - it is BIG!
We wus welacksin later an Meomie wus wookin at dat pikshure an we wus
lukin at hur. Den she sed...dose twees are wuffurlee, wish me wus in
dat forest...itz so wuffurlee n sunny n nyce n warm.

We wish we wus inna forest! We cud cwimb n run n hyde n sweep n pween
n chase weeves !
Dat wud bee gud.....sigh...

Gordon Kittiez - fed up wiff wintur.