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Nobody mentioned slavery or the whole race issue but you seem to want to
take things out of context and turn it into something about you. Are you
offended by my having a black cat? The whole post was humorous and that was
all it was. It seems to me you want to take something that isn't there and
make a whole issue out of it. You need to learn to relax here and maybe
laugh a little. As for discimination, I have faced it but I also know when
some things were meant as a joke. The original posting that I made was meant
for humor. It seems most here got that but you insist it was nothing more
than a ruthless attempt to pick on Pagans (which were never even picked on
nor brought up until you mentioned them). Nobody was picking on the Pagans
here so you need to learn to lighten up. There is also a not anti-Pagan
campaign here either but you seem to want fight something that isn't there.
Personally, I got nothing against them.

Of course here is something that may shock and upset you. I have a black cat
and I consider all black cats as being a symbol of good luck. BTW, I have
known those who practice both Paganism and Wicca and am well versed on what
the pentagram symbolizes but satanists also seem to use it as a symbol. One
thing I know for sure is that most of those practictioners have a sense of
humor and have laughed at some of the jokes. Why? Because they are human and
are quite confident in themselves and their practice. They also try to
spread postive and not negative. And when faced with negative they try to
turn it into positive. You can try to turn this into a flame war if you want
to but no ill will was meant here. It was humor. Nothing more and nothing
less. What does W.A.R.D. supposed mean anyway?

BTW, for those who have non-black cats I am also a member of your society as
well as I also have a diluted Tabby. If Agua girl or anyone else wants to be
mad about that then there is nothing I can do here. I am simply a cat lover
and servent to two cats.

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"Agua Girl" wrote in message

Yeah, and a lot of African Americans don't have a sense of
humor about that whole slavery thing. You are more a part of
the problem then you seem willing to acknowledge. You
talk about "scaring away" JW by mentioning goats blood
and pentagrams. You don't think that is implying that pentagrams
and sacrificing and devil worship are some how linked.
Maybe my "sense" of humor wouldn't be tested if closed minded
and big mouthed individuals didn't go around spreading the same
kind of crap that you are "joking" about.
Obviously you haven't been the victim of real discrimination...
born of ignorance. If you wouldn't have found it any
funnier than I did. Get informed. You can start with W.A.R.D.