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Are you going to be mad at me if I say I have a black cat and I see it as

symbol of good luck?

Of course not.

You seem to be hell bent on proving that a simple
symbol such as a pentagram can't be used for either positive or negative.

Anything can be used as a symbol for positive or negative. Promoting the
idea that the pentagram is some how bad and signifies something negative
(as you did since you suggested using it alot with comments about goat
bload and sacrifices to scare off JW) is ignorant and dangerous. The only
time the pentagram is really used as a symbol by "devil worshippers" or for
something bad is when it is inverted. This is done to signify the opposite
of what it stands for. It's the anti symbol. This is a fact. Wrap your
around it. Research it. Check out the differences. You can use any
symbol for anything you want but that doesn't make it stand for that.
Pentagrams...normal point up 5 pointed stars surrounded by a circle mean
only one thing historical..and world wide. That is the symbol of earth,
fire, water and spirit..and the circle of life. That's it. Saying...even
as a joke...
that having such a symbol should some how scare off JW is ignorant and
promotes the idea that the symbol should be feared.

Symbols can be tools as well...

No...a symbol is just a symbol. A tool is something different. Check
the meaning in websters. Unless you happen to have a metal pentagram
that you attached the end of a stick and now use as a shovel. Then I
it's now a tool.....

You seem to have no sense of humor here. I
think you need to re-read my post because I didn't say that the pentagram
was mainly a satanic symbol.

You promoted it. Maybe you should re-read your post. Better yet,
buy a pentagram and wear it around your neck for a week or two and
watch the reactions. When you lose your job, when your landlord
decides not to renew your lease, when your neighbors egg your house...
then tell me how funny you find your comments. No..none of those things
have happened to me but they are actual cases of religious discriminations
because someone was ignorant about what that symbol means...and your "humor"
perpetuates that kind of ignorance. You can get all defensive and blame my
lack of "humor" or you can get educated..your choice. BTW, I have a very
good sense of just aren't funny.