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Meowmie anna me is furry sorry also to hear of your loss.

PURRRRRRRRPURRRRRRRRRRpurrrrrrrrrrppppppuuuuuuuuur rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpurrpurr

Boogie da HarpurrCat anna hizownMeowmie

"ChildFree23" wrote in message
We're so sorry to hear about Dusty. Purrs going out to you
and Furby.

Kitty Schottland DOC, Capt. Midnight DOC, & Lilith

"Deborah Bloom" wrote in message
I have been watching this newsgroup for quite some time and

my furrkids have
posted messages several times. Furby and Dusty.
Dusty just went to the RB and Furby is still searching for

him. It is so
empty without him. We are all heartbroken.
The vet said that he had stones in his kidneys and stones in

his bladder.
He's never seen a cat with stones in his kidneys. One was

so full of stones
that it was shriveled. They operated on him for over 2

hours and were not
able to have his bladder function properly.
We just wanted to let someone know that would understand the

pain of the
loss of someone so special.

Debbie and Furby