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Once again you resort to name calling? I guess you have proven my case to be
a bit true. How do you know it was not a case of animal rescue? You
originally stated that this building was abandoned. Also, why does someone
need to ask your permission to remove them? According to your original post
they appeared to be strays or possibly a feral colony. If they were ferals
then a rescue group or someone experienced in feral rescue could have been
called in and moved the colony to a safe haven. Of course because of this
issue of control you assume the worse or are mad because they didn't seem to
ask you for permission to take them. Of course, they weren't your cats to
begin with so why would they? I think you need to hope for the best and if
someone does step forward to say they took them, don't come down on them
like a bunch of bricks.

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Well I think your an idiot making one assumption after another. -- They

had a
fairly warm place at night, a dry atrium during the day, food and someone

was working with them so they became accustomed to human touch.

This was not animal rescue at work. I was in contact with them and

with them. This was someone who knew they were pretty cats and decided to
take them rather then ask about keeping them.