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On Sun, 12 Oct 2003 16:33:15 GMT, frlpwr wrote:

Cat Protector wrote:

By this post I have to wonder if you are going to track the person down,
beat the crap out of them and then take the cats to a shelter that may be
no-kill only to have them put down. I think you really need to get a grip
here because you obviously have an issue with anger and control.

Anyone that snatches cats, won't say exactly where they are and refuses
to allow an interested party to see the cats is behaving _very_
suspiciously. I'm beginning to think the cats are dead.

Or, thinks that the cats and/or the person who actually has them are at risk
from the person to whom he/she is refusing to give
information. If the OP is as hostile in person as here, I would refuse to
give out any information at all, not even the time of day.

The hostile person here is you and the people like you. -- You should be
checked out before bellowed near living things.

Why are you criticizing the OP for caring about the welfare of these two

There is more evidence that the OP is a control freak than that he has any
real feelings for the cats. Note that most of the people objecting to the OP
mostly have years of experience rescuing cats ... and dealing with people on
the fringes of the rescue efforts.

There is more evidence that you don't know what in the hell you are talking

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