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Karen Chuplis
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wrote on 7/7/03 1:36 AM:

Laura, I've been here for years, but I get sick of this petty bickering.
It's just an excuse as far as I'm concerned. I'm in at least to newsgroups
where this crap rarely if ever happens so it's just plain bad manners IMO. I
needed to express that but I haven't sworn or insulted anyone in the


Like I've said often about another group, rpch+b was never a utopia of
Not that I recall anyway. It's more of an opinion/debate forum than the other
group you mention and tempers always flare when opinions are challenged on a
subject people are passionate about. I get irritated at pettiness, too, but
not going to criticize others for the same thing I've been guilty of myself.
Casting the first stone and all that.


I know, Sherry, and understand that, but lately it's been over the silliest
things. Where a street is located?? I guess maybe I'm just tired of fighting
all of the sudden. Sorry.