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Default Mad kitty!

Odessa has been throwing a holy tantrum since we found her last night.
Usually a sound daylight sleeper, she was awake when Louie came home for
lunch, prowling about the computer room, knocking books off the shelves,
tearing up the bed, and saying very unprintable things. She's been
snotty since we found her under the dresser last night, and Louie
figured she might need another couple of days sequestered, and a more
controlled introduction to the other kids. Roxie has been ****ed as
well; she has been the one spending the most time camped out by the
door, and has been itching to discuss philosophy with her new sister.
She showed her displeasure by telling my husband to do something that is
only possible with latex appliances and smacking the food out of her

I spent the night with Odessa last night, and she took her displeasure
out on me by continually pulling the blankets off me, or at least making
a valiant attempt at it. There is nothing like a cold wet nose on the
feet at 5 in the morning to get one's attention.

Everyone was right; yesterday she did indeed pull a [email protected]@rd cat trick,
and I think she's having a hissy fit because we found her hidey-holes! I
really can't blame her for needed some peace and quiet though. She'd
been through a lot with the shelter, and going through a few owners;
it's no wonder that trust is going to be hard-earned with her.

Just to be on the safe side, Louie rigged up the dresser so she can't
get beneath it now. So at least if she does go down cellar, we have some
idea of how and where to find her. And he also apologized for making
cracks about irresposnsibility. He's one of those who, when panicky, is
not happy until everyone else around him is freaked out too.

Blessed be,