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I'd like to pause for just a moment, to have a tangential linguistic

Singh wrote:

Just to be on the safe side, Louie rigged up the dresser so she can't
get beneath it now. So at least if she does go down cellar, we have
some idea of how and where to find her.

Oh, *WOW*!! I haven't heard the phrase "go down cellar" for years! (It
means "go down to the basement", for the uninitiated.) But that's how my
mother always said it. I just had a childhood flashback!

I'm from Boston. My parents are from Boston. All of their parents were
born in Boston, too. So I'm thinking maybe "down cellar" is a Boston-ism.
Or maybe a New England-ism?

Where're you from again? (Sorry, I can't remember at the moment.)

I'm from Buffalo NY, but I think I see your thing about regional dialect. My
father always said "down cellar" and up until now I thought it was maybe a
Polish thing. But I've never heard other Polish immigrants use it. I now
remember that when my father was liberated from the camps and came to the US,
he spent several years in New England doing farm labor until finding steadier
work in Buffalo.

We now return to Odessa, who at this moment is in a screened in room, having
a supervised integration period with the other kids. No one has pulled a
Houdini yet, and I only heard three cusswords so far.

Blessed be,

We now return you to our cliff-hanging story of Odessa, the magically
disappearing and reappearing kitty-brat.