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Default Sukie's first wokk awound hur nue gardun!

we wuld likta be able to go inna owt but were our new howze iz gonna be itz
tootoo dangeruz fur kitteez... OEJ

speek fur ursef, der iz no kibblez inna owt, der iz no kowch inna owt, so
derfore no rezun to go inna owt, whowsoefur, da new howze will haffa four
sesun rum anna i willz be pikin owtta gud spot to glare atta owt, Trudi
"rafflescat" wrote in message
Well, she wus carried cos Meomie wus feered she wood bolt.
It wus da furst tyme fur a wile since Meomie wus home inna daylite n
Sukie wus yowlin atta door. So Meomie wifted hur an owt da door dey
went. Wownd n wownd dey wokked - furst inna frunt gardun den in da bak
gardun. Sukie wus feered! She wus twemblin an she hid hur face in
Meomies nekk. (We fink she wus skared she wus gonna be let go agen)
But Meomie bwot hur bak in an she wus awl 'cited!
She ate hur biskits n had sum wadder an den she went to hur bed!
We wike Sukie. Shez kewt. Ise goin owt wiff her negst tyme. Shez nyce.