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Default Plannin fur da JB

On 10/7/2015 1:43 AM, Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote:
I gess we iz havin the Jellicle Ball in Hawaii. I seez dat da Booteek haz bin bizzy wif kitteez gittin dereown owtfitz reddy.

It wud be gud to start sum plannin, I fingk. Sum uv da fingz we needz iz:

--A master or mistress of ceremonies
--Da list of namez fur kallin (Azad, iz yoo dere?)
--Sumkitty to take kare uv da gestbuk
--A lokashun (did we pik a specific place?), so we kan plan fur awl da facilitiez we needz like caterin, acommydashunz fur kitteez dat duznt like da owt, maybe shade fur longer-hared kitteez like me hoo duznt reely like da warmf, etc.

Iz dere enneefing else?

Rebecca, VC

My brotherfur and I will take care of the gestbuk. I have ordered tents
and canopies for shade. The tents will be air conditioned and have
cushions of different sizes if anyone wants to have a nap or relax in
the cool. Blankets and cushions are ordered and will be set up a few
days before the ball.

Lucy Lu & Samwise