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Default Plannin fur da JB

Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote in

I gess we iz havin the Jellicle Ball in Hawaii. I seez dat da Booteek
haz bin bizzy wif kitteez gittin dereown owtfitz reddy.

It wud be gud to start sum plannin, I fingk. Sum uv da fingz we needz

--A master or mistress of ceremonies
--Da list of namez fur kallin (Azad, iz yoo dere?)
--Sumkitty to take kare uv da gestbuk
--A lokashun (did we pik a specific place?), so we kan plan fur awl
da facilitiez we needz like caterin, acommydashunz fur kitteez dat
duznt like da owt, maybe shade fur longer-hared kitteez like me hoo
duznt reely like da warmf, etc.

Iz dere enneefing else?

Rebecca, VC


I think I founded the place with a google map on dat biggish island.
Dere's a lake up inna mountain area wif all protected trees and stuff.
Da lake looks like a kittah curled up anna napping, frum up haigh.

It's near Waianapanapa but west a bit though still inna dat protected
park. Dere's no roads but the cataporter don't care about dat. The
main park is closed to renovate tha cabins but iffin we go to the far
lake, we'd be using lots of tents.

It's gotta a fresh water smimming area, a cave, and lots of flat easy
places fur tents. Sunds right? If so, I kin start helping figuring
out setup.

It's not too hot dere and never cold. I waz thinking a big long
catering tent to the left of the pond, center area several little tents
anna some bigger ones for those who want to sleep in a pile anna to the
right, maybe a sort of luau gathering spot wif a dance floor and
ceremony spot?

Cash anna maiself trotted about wif Iowna no problems, but wez
recommend da Boutique stock lots of kittah sandals and some fur
doggies. Dat sand version can be a little ruff on delicate paws after
a bit.

Iowna, Da insightful one