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On Jul 15, 7:58*pm, "Ann" wrote:
Peter bought a roast and sliced it and cooked it on the grill. I was having
a slice for dinner tonight. I usally watch tv when I'm eating and Cinnamon
was on the couch next to me.

She was checking out my plate and them reached over and touched my arm. she
never does that. Yes, she did get some small pieces of the meat.

Ours don't usually like human food much. However, Sunrise likes to
watch us eat and often wants to sniff the food. Frankly, we can't let
her near our plates because she sneezes on them so readily and even
though we love her dearly that isn't appetising. However, the other
night we were eating steaks and she was the only cat awake at the
time. Her favorite human, her "Anti Bev" was over for dinner. The
platter where the stakes had been was on a the table and she isn't
allowed on the table while we are eating. However, she got on the
nearby counter and was _staring_ at the platter, with its juice and
tidbits. Bear, the d*g, might have gotten that but he had steak fat
and bones aplenty. So Anti Bev put the platter on the counter where we
feed the cats.

You can get more detail at, in the thread "I
gotted stake juce."

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