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Sharon & Smudgie
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Wow, Smudgie is very well behaved! Wish Roxy would settle down and wait,
too! It's gotten to the point where I have to shut her in a room while
I have dinner (I know, what a meanie), and let her out when I'm done.
Otherwise, she does exactly what you describe, except she doesn't leave,
and she stands beside my ear sniffing loudly (as in "hint, hint"), and
eventually trying to climb over me to get to the food. Of course, it's
my own fault for feeding her at the table to begin with...

Joyce ^..^

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She's a good girl like that but a "stinkle" at most other things! I got
given a couple of small tins of gourmet cat food that a friend's cat did not
like. Smudgie liked it ..... and is now refusing to eat anything else! She
smacked me in the face this morning as I called up the stairs to my daughter
as I was leaving for work. We have slatted banisters and she loves playing
with them by poking her paws through. She literally flew halfway up the
stairs and stuck her paw and swiped at my face. Not in a nasty way but the
claws still hurt nonetheless! Perhaps she did it as there is no gourmet cat
food left!! That will teach me :-)