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Default New cat or not?

dgk wrote:

The introduction can be tricky though. Tons of information on internet
on how to do it right.

Not really tricky. I did rescue work for years and fostered well over
a hundred cats and kittens. Never had a problem integrating a new one
with the group. Some took a little longer than others, but they all
eventually joined in.

Set up a small room for the newcomer. A spare bathroom is ideal.
Provide places to hide, yet still allow you to get to them if you have
to. The vanity cabinet in the bathroom is ideal. Set up a litter box,
water, and food. Let the native cat sniff the newcomer under the door
and see what happens. If that goes well, after a couple of days, open
the door a crack and let them meet face to face. When you get to a
point where the older cat doesn't object to the newcomer, open the