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PawsForThought wrote:

All the books I read say that feeding your cat "premium cat food" is
essential. Would Costco's Kirkland brand cat food qualify as

cat food? Would my cat be better off with a brand name, like Iams?

I don't know anything about Kirkland but would assume it's probably

not the
greatest. I wouldn't feed IAMS, the company sucks (food does too).

Some better brands are Wellness, Petguard, Innova, Paul Newman's,

Solid Gold.
You have a Whole Foods in the area, they will probably carry some of

these, or
your better pet supply stores (not Petsmart or Petco, but Pet

Supplies Plus

What is the definition of "premium" cat food anyway? What should I

looking for and what should I avoid at all costs?

Read this article for some good info on feline nutrition:

See my cats:
Raw Diet Info:
Declawing Info: