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Default Max and Butterball

Hey Everyone,

Just a note to thank everyone for your help and good wishes. Max got
his stitches out on Monday (two weeks from the date of the surgery)
and is doing really well.

He has been using his litter box, as has always been the norm for him
except during this difficult time... and now, even if a behavioral
issue does show up, I feel much more confident about dealing with it
thanks to all of you guys help!

I finally got around today to taking pictures of him and my other cat,
Butterball, an orange tabby.

Hope you enjoy and again, THANKS so much for all of your very good
advice and care :-)

Max is really my big baby! He is a sweaty! I will be adding pictures
as I can :-)

Here goes (you may have to copy and paste):



Hope you can check out the close-ups ;-)

Thanks again for everything :-)