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Amelia aproaches the podium

Cleopatra, Tabitha, Samuel, please come join me.

Samantha was not a member of our immediate household. She lived with our
Paw's brother, our Unca Pat. Samantha had been with Pat for several
years, and before then had lived with Paw and Unca Pat's grandmother for
many years. She was a wonderful, loyal, protective cat.

She guarded her territory well and didn't let any intruders in. Strange
dogs never came into her yard (at least, not more than once). Neighbor
cats were never allowed in either, except that Samantha could tell when
a stray cat was in need of food or shelter and would allow them to enter
her yard, and would sometimes even allow them into her house for food or

Samantha was also very tolerant of Unca Pat's d-pets. One incident
stands out in my mind. Pat's d-pet Bridget used to always bark at people
walking too close to the front fence. She got great fun from doing this.
Bridget was getting old, though. One day, close to the time when Bridget
left for the Rainbow Bridge, Samantha, Pat, and Bridget were all sitting
in the front yard. Just then a group of teenagers walked past the house,
making a lot of noise. Bridget was too tired and weak to go bark at
them. Seeing this, Samantha charged at the fence, yowling and screaming
at the teenagers to go away. Sam saw that Bridget was too tired to do
her guard duty, so Sam did it for her, allowing Bridget to rest some
more. I think that pretty clearly illustrates Samantha's big, caring


It was this year that Samantha lost her battle with that awful monster,
CRF. Samantha, we will all miss you.

for the entire Mahoney family

Amelia, dat waz a luvlee tribyewt. Weez sorree weez dint git a chans tu
meet hur.