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Default Marlo does a cat-like thing

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 03:37:34 -0600, "-Lost"

Response to dgk :

We rarely have a mouse come visit, and so I
forget that these adorable little creatures are finely tuned hunters.
I'm just glad that I'm bigger than they are.

And? You actually think you being bigger would prevent them from
kicking your rear? HAHA!

I can see the headlines now, "Local slave fools self into believing
cats wouldn't beat them to the ground after liberating dastardly

Especially since you mentioned THREE. I have ONE and I'm afraid to
throw down fisticuffs with kitty.

Animal Planet had something about big cats on last night. I wasn't
really watching but they are just so majestic. But no, I'm not really
afraid of my cats physically although they manage to inflict plenty of
minor injuries. Mostly I fear that one of them will send me sprawling
down the steps when they charge ahead of me.