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Default !!! Problems with Supermarket Pet food, IAMS and Eukaneuba....

On 17 Mar 2007 17:29:10 GMT, wrote:

HRFLTiger wrote:

Heads up folks - Problems with Supermarket Petfoods. This was
forwarded to me from another list.

The link to the AP story is given below. Cats & dogs have died after
eating store-brand food from Wal-Mart, Safeway, and some other places.

Here's the link:

I don't understand this list at all. What are all these names?
"America's Choice, Preferred Pets"? "Authority"? "Best Choice"?
Are these cat food brands, or pet food *stores*?

Those are brands.

A lot of products, from cat food to ketchup to automobiles (and many
many other things) are made on the same assembly line, differing only
in the brand label stuck on them. For example, the old Geo/Chevy
Prizm and the old Toyota Corolla used to come off the same assembly
line (they still may, my info is several years old) - same car,
different manufacturers. The only differences were brand emblems and
trim parts (my brother used to work in the auto industry).

In this case, the same assembly line makes lots of different brands of
cat food. It's the same food, the only difference is the label. When
they make it for Wal-Mart they stick the "America's Choice" label on
it, or a "Winn Dixie" label for sales at Winn Dixie stores, or "Nutro
Max Gourmet Classics" for places that sell that or "Eukanuba" for
Proctor & Gamble to sell to places who buy product from them.

If they're food
brands, I've never heard of any of them. What about Friskies,,
Whiskas, 9Lives, etc? Why are they not on this list? Is that because
those brands are not affected? Or because this is a different kind
of list?

They're still trying to figure out all the brands involved. I just
posted in another thread that right now they know that 17 of the top
20 North American retailers sell products made by Menu Foods, the
people who are making the cat food. Menu Foods is also a contract
manufacturer for "the top branded pet food companies, including
Procter & Gamble Co.".

There's a website, and a customer information number

Jeanne Hedge