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Default Big cat stopper

My constant supervision has helped over the years, sometimes they even play
(while supervised), but my aggressive cat's natural tendency is always
lurking. She is a great cat to people, she is not really a bully, she's just
ETERNALLY AGGRESSIVE against anything that moves and isn't 10 times bigger
than she is.

I found another humane way of stopping my big aggressive cat from constantly
annoying my smaller cat. It will require testing, but it looks promising. Just
leave a door (bathroom with a view to outside, or whatever) open enough for
the smaller cat to get through but not big enough for the larger aggressive
cat. That will work well unless the victim is much smaller, but it's possible

That would be nice since it would be on demand.

Other such possibilities would include some sort of ramp/bridge that only
allows a certain weight... (I hope that sounds funny).

The small cat gets lots of use out of the Skyway where the aggressive cat is
mostly prohibited from going.

Have fun.


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