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Default Coat matting

Advise, please: my long-haired cat, who's got a personality more
suspicious than a mother/father-in-law (take your choice) and a hair
trigger when it comes to any sudden noise (and when the trigger trips
the creature turns into a buzz saw that must get away) has significant
matting of his coat. By these things, I'm intending to communicate that
it's hard to hold him down for long and when you do, if there's any
unexpected sound from anywhere in or around the house, he'll start to
take off and go through you to get away. So, I'm wanting to, maybe,
sedate him a little--or a lot, if that's what it takes, since he's
clawed furrows through my arms before--so I can cut this matting out,
brush him and start fresh.

Any suggestions as to how to approach this?