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Default Hi, cat trauma...

First of all, if you get another cat/kitten, I would strongly
encourage you to keep him/her inside at all times. (Or you can leash
train her and take supervised "walks.") The outdoors is obviously not
a safe place to be, even if kitty has claws.

As for choosing a personality,this can be difficult. If you adopt at a
shelter, often times a cat who is very shy in the cage can be very
affectionate once in a home (and vice versa). My advice is to go to a
shelter, talk to the people there, and tell them what you're looking
for. They may be able to match you with an appropriate cat. Also,
browse the cages and see who "calls out" to you. I've read many
stories about how the cat chooses YOU. Keep your mind and heart open
and you'll find that special kitty.

Again, please, please keep any future cats indoors for their safety!