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Default Hi, cat trauma...

Hi, i'm new to the group and pretty cat crazy (well i'm pretty much
crazy over anything small cute and cuddly).
Last summer my cat just disappeared. She was indoor all day and every
night she would go outside. She had all of her claws and was the
dominant cat in the neighborhood. She was a very good hunter and
never went very far. We used to call her our cat-dog because she
would walk with us whenever we walked the dogs - she would even go to
7-11 with us and wait outside while we bought our stuff... Anyways
she was the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have EVER had. I don't
know what happened to her but she must be gone for good and I think I
am almost ready to get another one.
How do I find a kitten that will end up being that affectionate and
sweet - I didn't choose my other cat (really) I rescued her... I'm
looking for advice on what traits to look for in a kitten so I have
the personality i'm looking for. Is it possible????

Just chiming in that I agree not to decide the personality you want, but
fall in love with who you end up with. You can get an idea of some cat's
personalities from visiting a shelter, but as others have said, some
will be very shy in the shelter but come out of their shell at home.
Also - kittens are tricky to determine their eventual personality. I
fostered a litter from their first day of birth, and kept 3 of them.
Their personalities constantly changed and evolved, over time different
ones emerged as dominant, or more of a lap cat, adventurer, etc. In your
situation I'd just find someone who seems generally agreeable wrt
personality, then let them become whoever - you'll fall just as much in
love with that IMO.