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Default Loss of Appetite

On 3 Oct, 14:21, "Rene S." wrote:
I was just wondering, she's been home now for half a day (about 8
hours) and she still hasn't eaten anything. When should I start to
worry and/or manually try to feed her? She still drinks, but isn't
even enticed by her favorite foods. The vet told me she might be
groggy from the anesthesia and/or still sensitive around her bowels/
butt area for a while, but I forgot to ask how long that means she
might not be interested in eating.

If she's not eating within the next 6-8 hours, please either bring her
back to the vet or forcefeed her! You don't want to go much longer
without any food. First, try enticing her with things like chicken or
turkey baby food without onion or Fancy Feast fish flavors, warmed
slightly. Does she like tuna? It is NOT a good idea to feed tuna
regularly, but a taste might stimulate her appetite.

For force feeding, I've used Wellness canned food, pureed in the
blender with water. Put this in a needle-less syringe. There's a spot
right behind the canine tooth that has a natural gap. Gently insert
the syringe. SLOWLY give her food. Don't just squirt it in her mouth--
she might aspirate it and cause more problems. I usually force feed in
a bathroom, so I can close the door and keep kitty contained in a
quiet place. You may need to do this several times per day.

Long term, your cat will need a high-quality, preferably canned diet
for good health. I like Wellness canned (there are several grain free
flavors), Nature's Variety canned or raw, or Innova Evo. Please don't
feed her dry food. Her colon has been traumatized and she needs the
liquid intake to keep things moving.

Email me if you have questions.

This information was really helpful Rene, Thank you.
Sheelagh "o"