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Default Update on Furballs

Well folk all is quiet on the home front. keeping fingers crossed

Spirit is back to his old self still no explanation for his fever but he
is not diabetic YEAH. I think he got sick from one of his bad habits he
chews on brooms stray ends.

Rumble is doing fine no signs of epilepsy and his diabetes is under control
doing the Fancy Feast diet. He is changing to his fall colors.

Limo she is doing fine but still not happy about the new addition. She
was the dominate queen of the house. Ha not no more

Phantom is still a fat boy and an awnry old fart. Ka' Shay is getting the
best of him her and spirit tag team his big but

Dumplin is dumplin always wants attention from DW who never has time from
any one :-(

Now we come to Ka'Shay HELP ME I PRAY TO THE GODS FOR STRENGTH. Where do
they get the energy. I think I am going to lose what little hair I have
left on my head. Trying to figure them out. she is getting big. She is
turning a white tan orange. She always wants to be near one of us. She has
gotten into a bad habit of hiding inside the beds to sleep. Got to break
that habit

Well I hope every one else's pack and family are doing well. If not purrs
and prayers to those who need them.