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Default FURRY GUD MEWS ! ! ! ! !

Pit2nya wrote in

On Sunday, September 13, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Batson Cats wrote:
Wee haff furry gud mews ! ! !
Aftur 11 yeers uff our Meowmie an Paw tryin tew haff hoomin

Meowmie is PREGNANT ! ! ! ! ! WHOOOOPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Dey found owt Sept 10th. Meowmie cudint beeleeve it. Evfunn aftru
da hoomin TED told hur. Shee evfunn took anuther "test" an it wuz
(+)!!!! Dey sey da hoomin kitten wil arrive in May uff 1999.

Wee are lukin furrwurd tew warmin up da crib fore it comes an makin
sure all uff da toys an such haff a sufficent amount uff cat furr
tew welcum her or him. Meowmie "seyz" itz a gurl an Paw "finks" itz
a boy. I guess wheel haff tew wait furr da ultrasoundfingy.

Wee are doing da hoominankittydanceofjoy an hope y'all will join

Domonic, Otis an Matilda Marie ^..^

(hoomin note: needless to say we are thrilled, elated and still in
shock over our wonderful news! It is slowly sinking in. I'm sure by
May it will become a total reality! After 11 years I had truly
given up. This is a miracle and we want to give credit where credit
is due.. Thank you Jesus!!!! and thank all of you who are doing
the hoominankittydanceofjoy with us!!!! ~Renee an the Paw, Brent)

But reelee?--"May uff 1999"? dat would make da hoomin baby 18 years a

Smile, someone pulled up a really old post by accident. Could be a new
member found us on google-groups