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Default A battle of wills with Tasha

"Nik Simpson" wrote in message
On 12/19/2013 2:06 PM, Christina Websell wrote:
"Nik Simpson" wrote in message
On 12/17/2013 4:00 PM, Christina Websell wrote:

I allow Boyfie to eat his freshly caught mice in the house.
No reason not to, there's never any mess. OTOH, if he gets a collared
that's an outside job because of the feathers, he plucks them, eats
and leaves the wings and tail. Even though he brings them back to eat
comfort, not in my house..


Trouble is she operates a catch-n-release scheme which has led to mice
living in the house ;-)


Ah, she hasn't been taught the "killing bite" Boyfie was useless at it
first, used to catch and release mice and baby rats in the house.

Oh no, she can kill them when she wants to, she just likes to save them
for a rainy day sometimes ;-)

LOL! Check her mouth when she wants in, but you should know by her mowling
noise that she has prey.
Boyfie always kills his prey before it gets to the house now phew but when
he was younger that was not always the case. He used to rush home with what
he'd caught and a few times he released a young rat or mouse alive which
immediately legged it under the freezer.
He doesn't do it now. He does bring his prey back to me but it is deceased.
I would like to program him not to catch birds, but I can't. He's 11 now so
only the birdies who can't take off from the ground in time to get up high
enough to avoid him are likely to to be caught, this is mainly pigeon-type
birds like collared doves. Boyfie can still spring 4 feet into the air
after them and he is often faster than they can take off.

It's not like I want him to do it, but he's a cat and *he* wants to do it.