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Default Hard-core feral softening up after 10 years

Yep. Almost one month later, the trend continues. Slowly. At
first, she approached only when another cat was being
petted/scratched under my dangling arm. Now she might even be
approaching without another cat there. I have been able to
scratch near her tail. To which, at first she responded by
turning her head and phantom licking vigorously, like...
"So that's civilization!" Today was able to scratch her back
a little. It is weird, removed a tiny/small piece of crud
from her skin. My hand ends up furry every time. At some
point maybe I can brush it. Or take a vacuum to it (kidding).

Have kept it since before May 2007.


I wrote:

Never say never. After 10 long years, my hard-core feral
appears to be softening up to me. Early on, I began singing
(badly) to her because it visibly relaxed her. Over the
last month or so, she has started coming around me while I
am in my computer chair. I can usually gently grab her tail
as she goes by, but even slight petting has occurred.
Amazing. After living with the feral animal for 10 years.
Of course I could be wrong, about a month or two more
should tell.

Something weird... Not sure if I read it in this group or
on the Internet somewhere, but... Someone wrote about their
cat's fur being matted, and I think they said it fell off
in clumps and their cat's disposition changed for the
better. That fur thing happened here recently to the
hard-core feral. There were maybe three or four clumps
total that fell off of her. I was afraid she had some
serious problem, but the fur is growing back. It was matted
hard, clumped. And her mood change corresponds to that. But
after 10 years? LOL

Of course I could never tell much of what was going on with
her since I could not even get close, let alone touch.

Whatever the cause. Yea.