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Default WooToo Teechd me Sufin

ize neffur talked eifur, fur a long long tyme. Den meowmie kept meowin
at me (silly hoomin) an she gave me a treet an petz wen ize wud meow.

Now pawpaw makez me meow afor he putz down mi dinner.

So now ize meow wen ize wantz to no where meowmie iz. Ize meow at hur an
she sez "Chappy, I'm up here." An ize meow wenz ize brings hur her fudz
(katnip burdie an snakie).

Ize lerned meowin iz gud.


On 4/8/2012 4:03 PM, Will in New Haven wrote:
I wanned mine BREKKUS an da kans was on da couner wer I cood see dem.
Butted Uncl Bill wuz beein stoopid. He had walkd da dogs and put out
der fudz butted he wuz NORING me. He pord his orumj joos an gotted his
pills an wuz gonna sit down at da tabl WIFOUT FEEDING ME.

I had a big bowl ob krunchees butted I REELY wanned sum gneiss gusy-
fuds an he was NORRING mee. Den WooToo sed to me "TELL him dat yooo
wan fudz. He shood GNO butted hoomins are stoopid an haff to be told."

So I meowed at him. An hee jumpd up an gotted me a can ob gushy
chickum. Fangyu WooToo.

(Hoomin note: I was STUNNED. I have never heard her meow. She purrs at
her food or at one of the dogs sometimes but never at a human. She
used to his at us quite often but she seems to have mellowed and has
only hissed once lately, when my foot came within six feet of her