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On Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 9:16:18 PM UTC, Lesley Madigan wrote:
Last Sunday a good friend who is a most devoted cat slave asked if I was looking for a kitten

Friend of his made a major mistake, their first cat they were told couldn't get pregnant or be spayed until after her first heat when she'd be 8 months old

How many people here shaking their heads ? They kept her in but lust did find a way and she had two kittens on their living room carpet. They're keeping one but need to find a home for the other one or she's going to a shelter

It's not perfect I still don't know for certain I can stay in my flat (they agreed I could before Xmas and now they're wanting to meet for a "discussion" about the tenancy but I've been here for 10 months on my own and paying the rent) but whilst I have seen photos to be realistic she's a very cute tuxedo but shelters have loads of them so I have talked to a friend who has already agreed if I lost the flat he'd take my cats in as long as I paid for their food until I found somewhere else

The people who have her and me we have talked. She won't be ready until the 31st when she's 9 weeks . I am welcome to visit to see her with mum they just want to find her a good home. but not for free. They say mentioning money is a good way to sort out people who might get her for the wrong reasons

They want £60 but that for she'll be dewormed and deflead, have her bloods done, her first set of shots and her chip etc ie. what I would expect to do myself and pay the same She will come with her results and details of her chip so I just have to pop them into my vets and register the chip

So it looks like I am picking her up on April Fools Day she goes to the vets a week Tuesday for her check up etc along with her mum who is getting spayed


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