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On Mon, 27 Mar 2017 16:33:29 -0700 (PDT), Lesley Madigan

I got the tenancy under the same terms i.e. it's a registered fair
rent tenancy and I can have cats! The only change is no one else
can now succeed to the tenancy if I got married and died before
my husband he'd be homeless which does't bother me as I have
no plans that way

Since I am fairly sure I won;t be working this week, oh I might have
to pop out for an hour or two but not until Thursday I am collecting
kitten tomorrow rather than Saturday. She goes for her vet check
at 2 I need to get some stuff in for her then we'll meet about 6 in
the evening

First of all, I'm glad to hear you got your tenancy issue straightened out. Not
having a place to live kind of overshadows everything else. Now I just hope
you'll get back to work soon. In my experience, having a paycheck coming in
regularly seems to make it much easier to pay the rent and hopefully have some
disposable income left over with which to buy toys and treats for the kitty!

That having all been said, I wish you and the kitten all the best. I lived for
twenty years without a feline companion. It was one thing when I had family
around, or when I lived upstairs from a friend whose cat basically adopted me,
but when I moved here by myself in June, I didn't even know what I was missing
until Minnie joined me in October and woke me up the next morning at the crack
of dawn by standing next to my pillow licking my nose and purring loudly enough
that the sound woke me up a few seconds before she actually reached my nose.

That's how she woke me up this morning, too. I find I prefer that to any alarm
clock I've ever had - despite her lack of a snooze button!

John D. Kasupski
Niagara Falls, NY