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On Fri 03 Nov 2006 09:40:31p, Stormin Mormon wrote in

With a snow storm, and the power off for two weeks, how to stay

The furnace has gas, but there is no electric. The stove is
electric, and the portable space heater is electric. So, the
house gets cold in one day.

What to do now?

Been there a couple of times. Thing is, the power wasn't out as
long as they predicted. They have to tell you weeks, even if it can
be back within a week.

Peanut butter, bread, cold meals of things like chicken salad if
you have chicken in the freezer (that you'll need to use) and can
cook on the grill if you have one.

You'll need to have a cooler and ice. With a snow storm, you can
probably store perishables outside - make sure they're not
accessible to animals.

The thing that got to me the most when I went without power for so
long was no hot water. No hot showers and no hot water to wash
dishes, or even wash out the sink, really got to me. I'd go to a
hotel with power if you can. Or family or friends. Even for a
single night will lift your spirits and give you strength for
another day of no power.