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No Help Available For Ferals?

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Old March 31st 04, 12:20 AM
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"Wendy" wrote in message

Any idea why some cats flip out in the trap and others just seem to resign
themselves to their lot in life?


No idea. Individual temperament, probably.


Old April 1st 04, 03:22 PM
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Good morning:

Animal Control is the biggest joke going!

I have not come across a decent group in the last 3 towns I have lived in.


I flat
out asked the guy at Animal Control if no one cared if these 4 cats just
bred themselves into the hundreds, and he said no. (NOT kidding.)


"The day may come when the rest of the animal creation may acquire those rights
which never could have been withholden from them but by the hand of tyranny.
The question is not can they REASON, nor can they TALK, but can they SUFFER?"
-- Jeremy Bentham
Old April 1st 04, 10:36 PM
Sharon Talbert
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just don't get it -- so I took the path of least resistance and am now the
"invisible caretaker" of their "colony." The only upside really is that
they're very good about feeding. I put a feeding station near where I trap
to keep them coming thru my yard, but the hoarders keep them fed on a daily
basis pretty well.

Here's a tip. If the cats are too well fed to be interested in your trap,
try baiting with fresh catnip. Another benefit of catnip is that possoms
and raccoons don't care for the stuff. For some reason, catnip is most
successful with toms. We once caught two fighting toms the same night,
both still bleeding from their wounds. (In separate traps, thank gawd.)

Sharon Talbert
Friends of Campus Cats
Old April 5th 04, 05:38 PM
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Robyn wrote:
This is more of a vent than anything else, and this group seems
like the right place for it. Who knows, maybe you guys can offer
suggestions. I've just spent my entire morning trying to get trapping
and spay/neuter information for the 4 feral cats (all one litter)
that came along with the house we just bought. I don't mind feeding
the cats and having them around, but the females just had their first
heat, and are most likely already pregnant. The mother of this group,
after disappearing for a long time, has also reappeared and is
obviously nursing a new litter. (Whole other problem, but one thing
at a time.)

Called the Humane Society, they said to call Wildlife Care,
Wildlife Care said to call the Humane Society, who then said it just
wasn't their problem because the cats weren't pets and to call Animal
control. Animal Control said it wasn't their problem unless I wanted
to trap the cats myself, which I can't do. They then offered to rent
me a trap for a $100 deposit + rent, which I don't have. (Even if I
did trap them, they just wanted to haul them off to be euthanized,
which isn't an option.) I flat out asked the guy at Animal Control if
no one cared if these 4 cats just bred themselves into the hundreds,
and he said no. (NOT kidding.)

So the long and short of it is, no one will even discuss the matter
unless I pay a fee and deliver the cats to them. These things are
totally wild. Even if I could afford the $250 or so the entire
undertaking would cost, and manage to trap them, what do I do with
them until the vet appointment? No one I've asked seems to have
answers. I've already adopted the runt from this group. He's pretty
wild, but likes living in the house and gets along well with my other
3 cats. I wish I could take them all in, but they're just too wild,
and I don't have any more room. The 4 I have now are a bit much at
times. :-)

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I guess I need to get back on
the phone and try a few more places. It's just unreal that all these
organizations that talk about how much they want to help unwanted
animals lose interest when you actually ask them for assistance. But
there's got to be some place that helps with these things. Suggestions
welcome. Wish me luck. :-)


OK, I just wanted to follow up and let you guys know what was
happening, since everyone was so helpful. :-) I was able to borrow a
couple of traps from a *very* helpful person, and found a low cost vet
that didn't require appointments for ferals. So I put the traps out
Saturday morning, and as soon as I stepped away from the traps, there
were cats in them. (yay!) So away they went, and they're playing in the
yard today, a little more wary than before, but none the worse for the
experience, the poor things.

Of the remaining two females, I haven't seen one in several days now,
I'm afraid something may have happened to her. :-( The other one will
not go anywhere near the trap. She comes twice a day and cries to be
fed, but will not go to the trap. We've tried wet food, dry food,
catnip, you name it, she ignores it and just cries at the door for food
as if the trap wasn't there. Any ideas would be helpful.

I had only been seeing the nursing mother a couple times a week. She
looked fed, so I thought someone was looking after her, but now all of a
sudden she's here asking for food as well. At what point after she
brings the kittens out can she be trapped and spayed to stop this damned
cycle? (I have no idea what to do about the kittens. Hopefully she'll
just have a couple...)

Anyway, I just wanted to post a followup, since several people had
asked. I'll post if anything else happens. I'd appreciate any
suggestions on getting that female into the trap, as well as when I can
trap the mother cat.

To avoid grizzlies, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game advises hikers
to wear noisy little bells on clothes and carry pepper spray. Also watch
for signs of activity: Black bear scat is smaller and contains berries;
grizzly scat has little bells in it and smells like pepper.

Old April 5th 04, 07:49 PM
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How to trap a cat that is trap-shy:

First, to ensure the cat doesn't get the food without springing the
trap, when you set the trap, make sure to put a newspaper on the floor
of the trap, folded lengthwise so it doesn't touch the sides and covers
the trip plate. Often cats will step over the trip plate if they see it
and will get the food, but not spring the trap. This is a good
precaution to take that will greatly increase the odds that that won't

That said, this is what I did to catch a feral that had been caught once
before, and was afraid of traps. It took a little over a week. I used
canned mackeral (any canned food that is really smelly will do) and
started by leaving the trap out, open with the door tied up using a
bungee cord. I put the food about a foot away from the front entrance of
the trap. I continued to do so until I was certain the cat was eating
the food there. Each day I moved the food closer and then gradually
inside the trap, making sure that the trap door was still tied up so it
would not spring. Each day I moved the bowl a little farther into the
trap. When I saw that the cat was always eating the food when it was far
into the trap, I then moved the food all the way to the back of the
trap, removed the bungee cord that was keeping the door up, and set the
trap so it would spring. I got the cat that night. Hopefully this will
work in your situation, but it may take a little time.
Glad to hear things are working out.


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Old April 8th 04, 04:48 PM
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