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ghost rap

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Old January 4th 08, 03:30 AM posted to rec.pets.cats.rescue,rec.pets.cats.the.other.white.meat,rec.pets.catshealth,rec.pets.catsrec.pets.cats.rescue,alt.usenet.legends.lester-mosley
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Default ghost rap

Roanoke Music update

Greetings from beautiful Roanoke, Virginia! At this writing, Summer's
here in full force, and it looks and feels like it. And I'm glad. Like
the song says, I'd much rather sweat than shiver. 'Sides, there's this
real inviting, big blue wet thing out in the back yard beckoning
whenever I get hot. Or when I get up. Or when I just want to be around
some pretty stuff, like flowers. See the pics, if you like, at:

I've had a hard time lately with kidney problems plaguing my days.
I've had numerous symptoms and numerous treatments that include
cystoscopy and lithotripsy, and I'm supposed to be passing fragments
at this pont. Unfortunately, that's just not happening, so I'll
continue with medical care that has taken me from debt-free to
somewhere around $30,000 in the tank in less than 2 months. Don't even
bring up the subject of insurance to me - that's just profanity in my
world. I've applied for assistance, which is proving to help a little,
but there's still a lot to pursue in that area. Meanwhile, I'll be
looking for a part-time job to supplement the income from my business
and from my performing songwriter activities as soon as I'm able to
take on another job without suffering the debilitating effects of this
kidney condition.

What's been happening since the last newsletter in April? The
highlight for me was when my trio, WOODY played at the main
amphitheater stage at Roanoke's Festival In The Park. We had a great
set and a terrific audience that hung in there until the end, when the
sky opened up. Of course, they blamed us for the rain because we had
just played Al Coffey's song, "God Laughs" a few songs from the end.
There are some pictures you can check out at:

I played at the North Chatt Cat in Chattanooga in April, and it was a
great evening out on their patio. Thanks to my brother, Bob, for the

The following night, I played at the New Knoxville Brewing Co.,
helping out with a benefit for my friends, Red and Plebian, who were
burned out of their home in February.

May brought the Shenandoah River Musicfest, hosted by Pops Walker in
Luray, Va. I was also honored to run sound for the main event (the
mixer is always the "hot seat") and enjoyed some truly great music
from some great performers. Visit Pops at:

Also in May, I played at a benefit for the League For Animal
Protection in Fincastle, Va. A fun day and a good cause.

The deck at Three Li'l Pigs in Daleville, Va. was the scene of my
first gig of the season there. I was joined by Denny Brooms, who is a
friend and a terrific songwriter. We were blessed with nice weather
and a responsive audience. I look forward to 3 more upcoming dates
this year at the "Pig". And Denny is scheduled for his 3rd appearance
at the Bluebird Cafe in September. Yay!

One event I look forward to every year is the Nashville Songwriters
Festival. I've been to all but the first one - and this year's, too. I
missed it primarily because I've been a sick puppy for about a month.
Kidney problems back to haunt me again. I hope to have that fixed
soon. Visit the NSF at:

Another disappointment is the cancellation of Al's open mic at Chip
'N Jo's in Salem on Tuesday nights. Lack of interest. Don't let me
hear you bitchin' there's no place to try out new stuff. Besides, Al
also runs Roanoke's best open mic at the Green Dolphin Grille in
Roanoke on Thursday nights. 127 Campbell Ave., near Williamson Road
and the Market.

On the high side, My bud, Neanderpaul has done some very creative
things on YouTube. He has a new video there of the Beatle song, "Penny
Lane". Check it out at:

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From: "marika"
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Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 9:33 PM
Subject: INTERNATIONAL STUFF - Bodensee Area (Germany) | Lawyer's
Conflict | Miss World | Exotic Art

"Frank Kalder" wrote in message
Marika K. ~ e-glob, Washington, DC

Yeah, that's true. I loved it dearly as a youngster.
And I'll appreciate this as my 'sweet homeland' forever.

You could see on the 'bikeway (around the entire lake) map' that the
isle of Lindau is situated in the east whereas

This leads me to a question about kids. Someone called me to ask my
about taking an offered job. She made a big deal about how she didn't
to move because her child was having difficulty in adjusting to school
about 14 I guess.

I hear this so often from parents about excuses about not moving to
their own career. I really kind of don't get it. Because I only have
invisible children. Today they were asked to audition for the
Crusoe" by the way, and I am very proud of them.

In the meantime, whenever I hear this from parents, it is inevitably
a child who they portrayed to me 10 years earlier as a child of unbounded
talents who is clearly a genius. So why are they having trouble in
ten years later.

You would think that taking them out of a school that they are having
trouble in would improve them altogether.

I also harken back to the time I was a teen. I wish my parents were
and that they had moved around more This would have enriched my ability
cope in many ways.

I could be wrong because of course my invisible children are very mobile
happy to do whatever I want.

Stein am Rhein

is just at the utter west edge where the lake runs out as Rhine river.
It flows into the lake on the southern side (border of Austria and
Switzerland). Its origin is in the Swiss Alps.

- - - -

Part 1:

I guess you also saw the photos of Stein a.R., of the little chateau
Arenenberg's splendid interior, and of 'Rothenburg ob der Tauber'
which is in an entirely different area (Franken in Bavaria). I only
presented it in this context because it was mentioned within the
excerpted passage (pertinent to Stein).

very glorious

I contrast this to my experiences yesterday.
We had dinner over my friend's apartment. She made a great meal that
included lobster.

Then we went to Mount Vernon to see a historic Christmas display of
President Washington's estate.

As we entered there was an adorable miniature version of the estate.
One of the placards indicated that a particular bedroom was the Lafayette
bedroom, because Lafayette was MORE than just a friend.
This led to speculation about what the phrase "father of our country"
We decided that George and Martha might have really been swingers and
Lafayette and they probably often menaged.

Then, we moved on to a waiting spot under tents. Important because it
drizzling rain.

There we were treated to cookies from a recipe by Martha. And also warm
apple cider to deal with the wind.

We listened to a small singing group perform carols that might have been
sung at that time in history.

Finally, they allowed us to move forward.

The guide gave us a letter of introduction to give to Martha Washington
that we would be admitted to the estate.
It turns out that the US was founded on bureaucracy from the first day!!!

A little girl carried our letter of introduction. An actor playing the
slave caretaker accepted the letter and submitted to an actress playing
Martha. She offered to share her recipe for cake.
There were no tannenbaums in the house because that tradition did not
to the US till the 1800s. Turns out, from Germany.

I'd seen MOunt Vernon before and may have mentioned it somewhere before,
never had I seen it at night.

Nor at Christmas time but in the summer, so this was a new experience.

They took us to the kitchen to show us the christmas pie. What an
extraordinary grotesque thing. It was taller than a typical cake. It was
made of dough and stuffed with foul. They would take a small bird, like
partridge, then stuff it in a larger bird such as a duck. And then keep
adding larger and larger birds. The birds were stuffed matreshka style
in a
very salt saturated dough that was meant to preserve the pie. The pies
then sent to England as gifts to relatives.


They also made some weird wines. Here, from turnips.

Also, after the tour, we got to see a demonstration of dancing from that
era. It was probably the minuet but I couldn't hear what was being said.
noticed that it wasn't much different from the Electric Slide.

. Waterfalls

A little more west of Stein there're the 'Rhine Falls' of Schaffhausen
(Switzerland) - Europe's largest. www.rhinefalls.com

Sure, it's almost nothing compared to the Niagara or the Iguaçu falls

Iguaçu: http://www.trans-ocean.org/assy/bild...wasserfall.jpg &
(many more photos)

nice enough tho

. Movies

I watched a whole bunch of movies while I was working on something
yesterday. - Most of them were boring.

. Departed

I did watch Departed, last year's Oscar Winner. It was good but I don't
it, it wasn't Scorsese's best. Although it was certainly interesting
contained some good acting, it just wasn't the best thing ever. Of
my mother saw it even before I did, because the female star -- possibly
only woman I noticed in a movie full of cops and criminals -- was the
Ukrainian American actress Vera Farmiga.

Yeah I remember, we once talked about her...

. Incident

There was a news item regarding Hillary Clinton whose campaign was
by a hostage taking incident.

Otherwise the campaign proceeds as expected.

. Lawyer's Conflict

Since we are talking about law, I am fascinated by the below article,
may be too boring technically for many.

~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Kerik

Kerik's lawyer may have conflict.

Friday, November 30, 2007


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Federal prosecutors said Thursday that the judge
the case against former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik
should consider disqualifying Kerik's lawyer.

The prosecutors said attorney Kenneth Breen could be called as a witness
therefore has a potential conflict of interest. Breen appeared with
when he was indicted this month on 16 wide-ranging counts including
accusations of lying to the White House, filing false income tax
tampering with witnesses and avoiding the nanny tax.

Kerik made admissions to Breen that constituted obstruction of justice
were therefore not covered by the attorney-client privilege, prosecutors

In a 12-page letter, U.S. Attorney Michael Gar- cia asked Judge Stephen
Robinson to appoint a new lawyer who would advise Kerik about Breen's
potential conflicts of interest and to consider disqualifying Breen.

. Miss World 2007


The first Chinese Miss World is Zhang Zilin from Beijing...
http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13.../13589698.html [diverse
galleries included].

. 1001 Nights

Here's an "exotic" gallery of Lambertz:
[13 artful photos]

. History of Streaking

Photo gallery: www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/0,5538,26872,00.html

Is this art or fun - or both?
Or what could it be 'named'?

yeah maybe
it's just harmless fun,
I had a friend from Roanoke who had streaked on every single East coast
campus at one of their football games. He's a professional, a lawyer,
but I
don't think he'd call it art. He's a poet too, so I think he calls his
poetry art. but not his streaking

of course you have followed the Putin and Russian election issue


"]Some fathers don't have time for their kids,
But for you I'm never a bother.

You always make the effort to listen and share;
You're always there when you're needed."-always there for your daughter,
joanna fuchs


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