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Of course a litter of kittens makes fine... THE TRUTH. You can't handle it.

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Old June 16th 06, 12:19 AM posted to rec.pets.cats.rescue
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Default Of course a litter of kittens makes fine... THE TRUTH. You can't handle it.

This is the truth. Read it, every word, cat lubbers. Then look at your
fat, debased selves in the mirror and ask yourself: Is the carnage
worth it? Is there no SHRED of decency and moral rightness inside
yourselves that cannot spare a thought for the innocent victims of your
insouciant, illegal alien invader feral murderers? You are morally
bankrupt, somewhere between Vidkun Quisling and Pat Newcomb.

Rot in the fiery pit, perverters of nature!


Wisconsin Feral Cat Hunt

Guns and kitties - PETA is going to have a field day with this one.
There is a serious problem of feral cats driving other predators out of
their eco-niches, thus limiting biodiversity and pressuring prey
populations to an extent that native species do not.

On April 11th the Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
will hold public hearings on whether or not to off the kitty. Here is
the question:

Studies have been done in Wisconsin concerning effects of free
roaming feral domestic cats. These studies showed free roaming feral
domestic cats killed millions of small mammals, song and game birds.
Estimates range from a minimum of 47 million up to 139 million
songbirds are killed each year. Free roaming feral domestic cats are
not a native species in Wisconsin. The above mentioned cats do however
kill native species therefore reducing native species.

At present free roaming feral domestic cats are not defined as a
protected or unprotected species. Thus Wisconsin should move to define
free roaming feral domestic cats, as any domestic type cat which is not
under the owner's direct control, or whose owner has not placed a
collar on such cat showing it to be their property. All such defined
free roaming feral domestic cats shall be listed as an unprotected
species. In so doing Wisconsin would be defining and listing free
roaming feral domestic cats.

Do you favor the DNR take steps to define free roaming feral
domestic cats by the previously mentioned definition and list free
roaming domestic feral cats as an unprotected species?

Consider the weasel. No, consider the family mustelidae:
Martes americana, Pine Marten, range map, Michigan site
Martes pennanti, Fisher, range map, Michigan site
Mustela erminea, Ermine or Short-tailed Weasel, range map,
Michigan site
Mustela frenata, Long-tailed Weasel, range map, Michigan
Mustela nivalis, Least Weasel, range map, Michigan site
Mustela vison, Mink, range map
Gulo gulo, Wolverine, Michigan site
Taxidea taxus, Badger, range map, Michigan site
Spilogale putorius, Spotted Skunk, images
Mephitis mephitis, Striped Skunk, range map, Michigan site
Lutra canadensis, River Otter

With the exception of the wolverine (Gulo gulo) and the Badger (Taxidea
taxus) your common house cat can kick all of these natives' asses. A
feral cat will kill a weasel just because it can. A cat hunting in the
woodlot will deplete the shrews, voles, mice, and other small birds and
mammals that the native carnivore species require to survive.

Consider the fox and his buddy the coyote. Consider the wolf, consider
the timber wolf. Consider the bobcat, consider the lynx. These wild
cats and canids exist in small enough numbers that they represent no
significant threat to the feral house cat population in Wisconsin.
Feral cats breed quickly and their kittens have a high survival rate.
Of course a litter of kittens makes fine hors d'oeuvres for coyotes,
but unfortunately the canids seldom find them when at they're at their
tenderest. So the kittens grow up to compete with their wild brethren
for food and territory.

In the city live the insipid cause of the feral cat cat problem. These
people, the ones who will release Pussy-puss on a country road when
she's just too much to care for anymore, have a complicated solution to
offer. They think the feral kitties should be live trapped, spayed and
neutered, and released into the wild to kill again. Applying voodoo
population dynamics principles, the urban kitty-liberals assert that
removing the cats merely makes the remnant population breed faster,
whereas simply neutering as many as possible is the humane approach and
will somehow address the problem.

Here's what I propose: shoot them, trap them, poison them, remove
them. Drown them, club them, hang them, crush them, skin them and sell
their little pelts on the feral fur market. Hunt them with dogs, with
trained lions, with domesticated wolverines, stampede buffalo through
their habitat, befoul their kitty litter and deprive them of kibble.
Poison their prey and watch what happens in their feral food chain.

More moderately, there is no law against controlling them now and if
the resolution declaring an open season fails to pass, there will still
be no law regarding their control. The Dane County Humane Society will
continue their trap, neuter, and release program. I have enough
domestic animals of my own and too few native species so I probably
won't be offering them a home in the country. But this is a classic
case of live and let live.

I wonder why the matter is being brought forward to the DNR. Everyone
handles the problem in his own way in the country. On our road there
used to be a black and white tribe of ferals. John Herm moved in down
the road, poisoned them all out of his buildings and we don't see many
of them around here any more. We see more bobwhites though. And the
year after the doctor poisoned the kitties we had a Norway rat
explosion. I poisoned them. We seem to have reached some kind of
balance of carnage here these days. I don't want to add the humane
society's ferals back into the mix.


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